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Tarho-Tabdil Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)

Tarho-Tabdil was founded to apply advanced engineering solutions in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical industries and renewable energy project , to develop the technical knowledge and applied sciences in these fields , as well as to gaining the leadership in relevant engineering markets.
Today after over two decades,Tarho-tabdil is being considered as a highly qualified firm in engineering and design of energy related projects.

Tarho-Tabdil performs all engineering related services in accordance with systems qualifications regardless of size and value of projects.

" Customer Satisfaction and Business Excellency " as the mean strategy of the company allows both domestic and international growth through various partnerships and shared resource management.

representing one of the pioneering companies in it`s major fields of activity , Tarho-Tabdil keeps it`s services upto date with most recent international quality standards.
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